Coyote Pro Stock – Thornhill Dragway

Coyote Stock racers can’t get enough! Thornhill Dragway and Finish Line Performance knew the long gap between the NMRA Joliet and Bowling Green events would leave the CS racers eager for competition.


As a result, they organized the first Coyote Pro Stock Event August 1st. Though the event was unofficial, and the racing was 1/8th mile, the competition was a fierce as ever. The rules were basically the same as NMRA competition, requiring the NMRA spec tune, a sealed Coyote engine, and the 3000 lb weight. Fuel was specified as C10, but with no way to check it, racers relied on the honor system.

Thornhill dragway is a historic track, claiming to be the oldest dragstrip in the US still in operation. Though the facilities may have been quaint compared to some of the NMRA official venues, the track was definitely hooking and the staff was friendly and efficient.

Five racers made the trip – Brandon Alsept, Steve Gifford, Jacob Lamb, Drew Lyons, and Steve Moberley in our own Coyote Stock Project Fairmont.


Photo courtesy Don Creason/StangTV

Drew Lyons took the win in the final over Steve Gifford, and picked up the bonus reaction time cash as well.

Check out the Stang TV feature and video here:
Coyote Pro Stock Coverage

Thornhill and Finish Line may host another race in September, as well as an Outlaw style “Run what you brung” race at some point after the NMRA finals in Bowling Green. Stay tuned for details…


NMRA Joliet – Route 66 Raceway

In spite of several inches of rain and perpetually threatening skies, the NMRA Superbowl race finished on time. Car count was a little lower than previous events with a total of 10 Coyote Stock cars qualifying. Points leader and ET record holder Shane Stymiest and Mike Washington were no-shows, and class stalwart Jacob Lamb was sidelined early due to clutch problems.

The finals were a rematch of the MIR race between Darin Hendricks and Joe Marini. Marini survived a redlight in the semi final due to Joe Charles’s slightly worse red bulb leave. Hendricks had troubles of his own, overcoming a slippery track to defeat racer Mike Bowen, as well as a close call with new-to-Coyote Stock racer Matt Williams.

This time, Hendricks and his 1993 Cobra took the win in a tight race – 10.55 to Marini’s 10.57.

Moberly_Hendricks 1024

Hendricks went on to win his round in the NMRA/NMCA Superbowl match to collect the bonus cash and SuperBowl ring.

Check out the footage from


Qualifying Ladder courtesy NMRA

Qualifying Ladder courtesy NMRA

NMRA Norwalk -Summit Motorsports Park


The 4th race of the NMRA 2014 season is in the record books, and it was the most tightly contested Coyote Stock race so far.

Five of the top qualifiers ran in the 10.40s, and the “bump” to be in the top half of the Pro Ladder was a blistering 10.58!

The quicker ETs were not entirely surprising – this is the first race with the new lower minimum weight of 3000 lbs. However, the tightening of competition is entirely due to the continued efforts of the drivers to hone their combinations.

Mike Washington made his way back into competition after missing the last  race, but suffered catastrophic damage to the ring gear in first round. MIR event winner Joe Marini improved his performance with a new best of 10.40.

How close was the racing? Check out this ride along video with Darin Hendricks in the semi-finals against Joe Charles.  This race was decided by .003!

There was no easy way to the winner’s circle, with many races decided by thousandths of a second. Ultimately, class veterans Joe Charles and Shane Stymiest faced each other in the final. Once again, Stymiest put up a quicker ET with a record-setting 10.38, but this time Joe Charles took the win, capping a streak of stellar reaction times with a .018 for a holeshot victory.

Elimination Ladder Courtesy NMRA

Elimination Ladder Courtesy NMRA

NMRA -Maryland International Raceway

Great weather and a hooking track combine for record setting times and big wheelstands at MIR! Check out this great footage from

The #1 and #2 qualifiers went down early – two new cars in the final!

Shane Stymiest reset the ET record with a blistering 10.438.

Joe Charles took the mph record with a 127.49. (Hendricks ran a quicker 128.2, but failed to claim it!)


MIR Elimination ladder courtesy NMRA.



NMRA – Commerce Georgia

Check out this great footage of the NMRA Coyote Stock race in Commerce Georgia from!

Both racers break their transmissions in the final….who will get to the stripe first?


Elimination ladder courtesy NMRA

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Looks like Mike Washington is making progress..

Former NMRA Factory Stock World Champion Mike Washington recently announced he was joining the Coyote Stock pack. He posted this pic of his latest efforts in getting the car together.

Looking good. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets it going in time for Bowling Green!





However, in his haste to show off his project, he may have let slip with some secret racer tech…





What is the purpose of the cute and fuzzy secret weapon barely visible in the shot just under the brake booster? Hopefully its not a rare photo capture of the elusive Gremlins that trouble so many racers…




We’ll check with Mike in Bowling green to find out…

Good luck Mike!

Coyote Modified?


What’s this all about?

Pure speculation here, but I’m betting the NMRA has been buoyed by the enormous interest in Coyote Stock, and plan to create a new sealed motor Coyote class. The image above heavily implies that power adders will be allowed….If so, will this class use the same crate motor as Coyote Stock? – look for massive carnage as players up the boost/spray on the hypereutectic pistons! Will it use a different engine entirely, such as a sealed Aluminator? Will it be a sealed engine at all?

How fast can they go? With Coyote Stock already seeing some mid to low 10 second elapsed times, its a sure bet you’ll need an NHRA license and certified chassis to compete..

Exciting news will be revealed on the 20th of this month. Until then, the world wonders…